Dressed for success: spring comes with fresh colors and bold designs

Dressed for success is one of the leading concepts when creating each of our collections. What does this mean? The way we dress (and look) sends message to the world. Successful people maintain an impeccable image because they know it is a part of their personal brand. To a certain extent, the way we look is the external indicator of what we are as persons. Especially, in the world of business, where every detail matters, a keen sense of style can lead to better opportunities and higher levels of success.

The collection for the upcoming season is inspired by this concept and creates clothes that complement the beauty and elegance of the woman. The exquisite color combinations are complemented by a floral and graphic prints.

A special attention is given to the most feminine element of ladies' wardrobe - the dress. The collection offers a wide range of models tailored to every occasion, style and body type. Another cult model in this collection is the jumpsuit. One-colored and two-colored combinations are a ready-to-go stylish solution to the lady's busy day.

For the new season DIKA designed very attractive knitwear sets, consisting of fine dresses, complemented by a correspondingtop garment in the same style and fabric.

Denim line upgrades the traditional high-quality and impeccable cut of the brand. This season we go for a classic dark blue denim that follows the body line. Decorative stitches are complemented by bright metal elements - buttons, zippers and golden caps. The garments include denim trousers, skirts, dresses and jackets. They can be worn together for the so-called total denim look or in combination with other models of the collection.

A special attention is given to accessories. This season you will be able to enjoy the richest ever collection of scarves with author prints and patterns developed by the DIKA design team. Scarves in bright and bold designs, as well as in romantic pastel combinations, complement each lady's individuality.

Face of the new collection is the talented and beloved young Bulgarian actress Sanya Borisova-Ilieva. Sanya brings the elegance of the dynamic woman, mixed with the urban girl's spontaneity in the busy day. On a walk, in the city, during a business meeting or a dinner with friends - for every occasion in everyday life we can be prepared with the right clothes.

Welcome to our stores as well as online: check the New in section to find the first models of Spring-Summer 2019 collection!