SPRING 2023 collection is here!

A new interpretation of business wear and inspiration for special occasions throughout the year are the highlights of DiKa's offering. The leading colors are lavender gray and spring green.

PRE-SPRING ’23 collection is now here!

This is the collection for the woman with many faces. She lives at high speed, combining professional and personal life, but also knows when to pause, take time for herself and enjoy the moment here and now.

5 styling ideas for December

Christmas parties, cozy family dinners, walks with friends and the last working days of the year are occasions that require different approaches to clothing. Low temperatures are a challenge, but also an opportunity to run wild with ideas, to experiment with layered clothing, with combinations of fabrics and textures, with a play of colors and prints.


We pay particular attention to apparel as we approach the New Year because it conveys energy, positivity, and the optimism for a successful beginning. Clothing serves as our second skin. So, it's important to wear clothing that makes us happy, especially during these short and grayest days of the year.

It is sweater weather!

The end of the year is the time that predisposes to many stylistic combinations and experiments. Low temperatures trigger creativity, layering, combining fabrics and textures. The obligatory wool coats and tall boots are joined by the sweaters – one of the most important and indispensable items of clothing in the seasonal wardrobe. They go good together with leggings, jeans, suits and skirts made of eco-leather.


Eco leather has taken a permanent place in the modern woman's wardrobe. How to wear this fashionable trend? Here are the ideas of the experts:

Eco leather from head to toe or a total look with a black fitted skirt and a shirt bodysuit - this combination is extremely feminine, to look as impressive as possible, it is good to got for a monochrome look. A voluminous wool coat in a contrasting color is the best complement.


Over the past months, the fashion world unanimously chose green as the big favorite in the style palette. From the catwalks to the street, this color, a symbol of harmony, youth and wealth, found its way into the hearts and wardrobes of millions of ladies around the world. Fashion analysts say that over the years, green has always been revered, and now it is especially relevant along the theme of sustainable and environmentally responsible consumption.


Did you know that the French have an expression: "life is too short to wear sad clothes"?

In our opinion, the more colorful the coat, the better the day!


The new season comes with a series of high quality leather bags made in Italy to complement your elegant styling!

Black, dark beige, mustard, orange, green, violet, red, blue and brown - colors that you can combine with your favorite coat. This is thehottest trend of the season, which allows you to create stylish and outstanding looks.

The coat that will win you a standing ovation

Outerwear is the first thing we notice in autumn styling - that's why it's important to choose it well and invest in quality, stylish and timeless models. A real bestseller, the handmade coats, with special attention to detail, are high-end clothes that you can't go wrong with.

The suit version 2022

If you consider a suit to be strict corporate wear, Fall 2022 trends are here to show how modern and relevant this look can be! We present to you the trouser suit - the great favorite of the runway, as well as of all those who live in the rhythm of contemporary times.

It is shirts time!

The shirt is the garment where the true craftsmanship of a fashion brand is clearly visible. It is evident from the way of manufacturing....

September is style

In the month where we most strongly feel the transition between styles and seasons, the focus is on feminine dresses and elegant looks, complemented by impeccable jackets.

Dare to try: the cropped jacket

We first saw these silhouettes in the street style shots of Milan and Paris fashion weeks, and soon after they became a permanent part of everyday life, including in a more business-oriented environment.

Cropped jacket is the trend that brings variety and good mood this season. Manufactured from quality cotton tweed, this jacket instantly transforms any style. 

Your dream dress

The dress: the most feminine garment, a faithful ally and a favorite addition to the wardrobe. The new season pays special tribute to the dress with a variety of cuts, fabrics and colors. Еthereal styles in chiffon and with silk blend follow the movements of the body and invite to compelling experiences and beautiful emotions.

The jeans you will fall in love with!

Every woman dreams of those special jeans that: emphasize the body in the best way, are comfortable to wear and go good together with all favorite clothes from the wardrobe. Often, finding these jeans seems like a mission impossible, but DiKa team made sure that the new season collection has got such type of item!Mom jeans are making a comeback as a modern interpretation of the 90s trend.


The second best place we love to have butterflies flutter is the closet! Bring joy and good emotion into everyday life with this colorful print, a symbol of love, happiness and well-being.


Dazzling white highlighted by the rays of the sun. If you are looking for the most sophisticated combination this season, cotton tweed outfits in white are the right choice.....

Dopamine in the wardrobe: golden poppy from the collection of DiKa

Goldenpoppy is the otherstatement color in DiKa's Fall '22 collection. Warm and energizing, it is the symbol of health, self-confidence, optimism and renewal.......

Code violet

The new season catches the eye with an irresistible deep violet. Precisely selected to suit light and dark hair, the violet color is a wardrobe addition you can't go wrong with. The color symbolizes luxury, wealth, generosity and mystery.....