Add some joy and good mood with this print

If you are looking for a beautiful and original print this season, then it is time for a tartan! This print is versatile and suitable for any wardrobe.

If you have to add just one new trend to your wardrobe - this is the one!

Autumn - Winter 20/21 will pass under the motto a sense of leather!

Faux leather clothing is one of the big trends of the Fall-Winter 2020 season. 

The best coats: buy now

Coat is the most important garment this season: it is the first thing people see from the outfit. Besides its practical function, it has an aesthetic one – completing the look and emphasizing the style and the personality.

Monochrome or colorful, the coat is the final touch of the styling: for casual chic we choose a model in beige, for, street look we combine it with sneakers, and for rock style - we add combat boots.

Jewels in the wardrobe

The choice of emerald green emphasizes the sophistication and uniqueness of the lady who wears it. This color-jewel gives a sense of luxury and stands out.

Its advantage is that it looks great on everyone, regardless of skin complexion, hair or eyes color. It easily adapts to any combination - navy blue, white, pastel tones, burgundy and mustard.

Which is your motif?

We all have favorite motifs in the wardrobe. For the Autumn-Winter 20/21 season, we focus on three of them, which are always relevant and do not go unnoticed:


…KNITWEAR! This season we choose comfort without compromising with elegance. The knitwear collection of DiKa is fully developed in our factories – from yarn, to print design and final garment.

The knits in the Autumn-Winter 20/21 collection have wool in their composition. Among them are sweaters with care for the environment, which are made of wool and recycled polyester yarns.

The search for the perfect jeans ends here!

We know that each of us dreams of that pair of favorite perfect jeans, always ready to be worn at the right time. The good news is that those jeans exist!

3 steps for an elegant return to the office

Returning to everyday life after the summer months is full of challenges and opportunities. The new season is the time when we can experiment and refresh our office (or home office) wardrobe in 3 easy steps:

The style you will fall in love with this autumn!

If you wonder how to be elegant and stylish, while wearing comfortable clothes, the answer is: casual. This is a style that easily combines fitted and loose silhouettes, strict cuts and informal models in order to give the best balance between relaxed and chic.

The new AUTUMN 2020 collection of DiKa is here!

The autumn wardrobe in 2020 will be in light and bright shades, inspired by nature. The statement colors in DiKa's collection are Ice white and Niagara blue. They bring the beauty of natural views, can be worn in total look or in contrasting colorblock combinations.

DiKa is now producing masks

Under the conditions of COVID-19, DiKa is pivoting its production and is already manufacturing reusable textile masks. The reorganization happened in extremely short time to respond to the shortage of these mass prevention means...

COVID 19 – Message from DiKa team

In these days of emergency, DiKa embraces the appeal #stayhome. Let’s be responsible for our health, the one of our relatives and those at risk. The entire DiKa team is mobilized during this challenging period in order to meet your needs... 


At the beginning of March, also known as the most feminine month, we give green light to bright and bold combinations. Softness and tenderness are complemented by vivid tones and unexpected mixes...