Spring 2020 will be in coral

Coral is the leading color of DiKa Spring-Summer 2020 collection. This warm and welcoming color makes wearers stand out in a crowd...


Do you know, that according to statistics, clothes are the gift that people offer the most in December...

Discrete sparkle

December is a holiday, a flashback to the past months, time with the beloved ones, comfort and rest after a busy work schedule. A time to take care of ourselves, choose an elegant outfit to wear on and after the holiday is over.

Warm, soft, and light: the down jacket

f you wonder how to stay stylish (and healthy) while the temperatures drop, we have the solution. It is called down jacket.

Technology and fashion have been going hand in hand for years. Today it is perfectly possible to find clothes that are light, elegant and warm, combining natural fabric with high-tech innovation.

Coats season

During fall and winter season coat is the garment that protects us from the weather conditions. It is also the main element of style that we create first visual impression with. When choosing a coat, there are two main factors to consider: function and design.

The stylish come-back of the pleated skirts

Pleated skirt is one of the season’s trends that we eagerly follow this season. Midi-length pleated skirt is the element of the outfit that gives an exquisite elegance to each styling. 

Code: Business

Autumn is the time for getting back to business and work schedules. Business style codes follow their guidelines by adapting to the daily routine of the dynamic woman.

autumn gold

Autumn gold: the color of the grapes in the vineyards, of the leaves before sunset, of the hair kissed all summer by the sun. A color gathered so much power and memories in itself. Dress and jacket, complemented by discreet gold buttons and an exquisite belt with rectangular buckle. A combination to welcome the fresh September mornings and the golden hours when the sun is close to the horizon and the light appears warmer and softer.

Time for jeans is always now!

DiKa's new denim collection includes silhouettes in classicdeep blue, with gold elements and “D” symbol. Trousers follow the curves of the body and emphasize them with precise cut and shaping stitches. Skirts are classic - with bodycon and loose silhouette. Original elements - golden buttons or a ribbon-like belt, complement the feminine models.

Fashion inspiration from Bali

Today we take you on a fashion tour in one of the most magical places created by the nature: Bali! The island is well-known for its beautiful beaches, nature, tropical climate, history, culture and art. The harmony of all these elements makes it one of the most beautiful places in the world.


DIKA presents Autumn-Winter 2019 collection with a street style shooting in Paris

From the city to the beach: it’s pareo time

Did you know that the word pareo comes from Tahiti and literally means 'a wraparound skirt'. Over time, the term expands to cover every single way of wearing a large piece of cloth (most commonly scarf) wrappedaround the body.

It's amazing how many variations are there on this theme and how many creative possibilities to be creative are provided by this seemingly simple and unpretentious accessory. With a little imagination, we can turn our favorite XL scarf into an original complement to the swimsuit.

The short-sleeve blouse: our best ally
New collection with care for the environment

The short-sleeved blouse is one of the basics in our wardrobe. We are so used to it, we rarely realize what a priceless ally it is in our everyday style choices.

The jumpsuit: all-time favorite trend

The jumpsuit is one of those clothes that seem to never go out of fashion. There are some seasons it looks like slightly out of sight, only to return even more victoriously to the wardrobe, the street, and even - the red carpet.

Spring with the color of denim

Denim clothing is among the garments with most persistent presence in our wardrobe. Whether it's a pair of jeans, jacket, skirt or dress, this recognizable cotton outfit is a regular feature of our everyday choices. With the change in lifestyle and more liberal rules in the corporate sector, denim has found its deserved place in the office as well. A few years ago, with the introduction of Casual Friday, even in sectors like financial, dark blue jeans, blazer and white shirt or topbecame a natural part of office wear.

Hearts, scarves and Saint Valentine’s day

February is the shortest and, at the same time, the month fullof good emotions, messages of love, joy of life and anticipation of spring. Love is to be celebrated 365 days a year and the presence of a specific, well-defined day: February 14 is onemore wonderful occasion to be considered with good mood, an elegant gift and a glass of wine.

Dressed for success: spring comes with fresh colors and bold designs

Red, blue, white and pastel lilac stand out as leading colorsin DIKA Spring-Summer 2019collection. The bright colors are present in classic combinations of jackets, dresses, trousers, skirts and tops.

About the accessories with love

Did you know major part of the accessories we propose in our collections are manufactured from genuine high-quality leather? 

Code: festive red

At the height of the most festive month of the year, we cannot help but thinking of relax, home coziness, shared moments with loved ones, good emotions and parties! Mood is great and we want to wear something fresh and different. 

The belt, version 2018: the best friend of the woman body

Nowadays, when tailoring is made in a way clothes stay up on their own and sit where they’re told to, belt goes beyond its primary function and becomes one of our favorite accessories. A complementary accent that elevates the garment to a new, fun and different level.