Let’s welcome the summer with the sunniest colors! Yellow, orange, ocher and designer prints, weaving the most summer shades, immerse us in the joy of life. These tones are like vitamins for the mood and instantly refresh every styling. The yellow-orange range is reminiscent of the sun and the warm summer days.


Green is the trendiest color this season. Dresses, suits, accessories, overflowing from bright green to khaki and pastel shades. This is the color of nature, serenity and harmony. It has been proven that when we wear green clothes, we feel more balanced, busines-oriented and determined.

Sea or city break?

Here comes the time for holidays and long weekends. Whether you choose the beach, the mountains or tourism in the city, here you will find everything for an elegant escape from everyday life.


The time for summer dresses has come! In our collection you will find models with designer prints, feminine details and romantic embroidery. Whether you have a special occasion, a holiday, an exciting trip or a business meeting - the dress remains the leading garment this season.

Natural fabrics

Summer 22 collection pays special attention to fabrics as linen, cotton, hemp. Natural in origin, high-quality and durable, they are the best allies of the body in warm weather.

Did you know that:

Remarkable for any occasion

Prom, wedding, special event - the season of festive occasions is in full swing, and we have the right clothes that will make you look dazzling!


Marine chic is a timeless aesthetic that looks beautiful and adequate, no matter where we are. The combinations of white, blue, red details, stripes and sea patterns look equally good on the beach and in the city - even hundreds of kilometers from any water pools...


The French have a saying that goes: "… in (the month of) May do what pleases you!". Driven by this good wish and on the eve of one of the most beloved spring holidays, we decided to inspire you with a few gift ideas.


Have you ever wondered what spring fashion would look like without a beautiful floral print? This pattern never goes out of style, and this makes it an asset for any classy wardrobe. You can't go wrong with the floral print, as this year's floral patterns are a mix of classics: bright and colorful, delicate or large-scale.

Your new bag is here!

Traditionally, the Spring ’22 collection is complemented by new stylish leather bags. They are made in Italy - a leader in the manufacture of leather goods and a guarantor of quality and design.


Libra has an inner need for beauty and harmony - so its representatives are looking for the perfect combination, regardless of the occasion. Fans of social life, Libra strive for the adequacy of any situation and like to experiment with bright colors.

Astro style - part 1

What happens when fashion meets astrology? To entertain you, inspire you and make you smile, we researched what clothes the zodiac signs like and what you will most often find in their wardrobe,

Aries - the clothing that attracts them is elegant, casual and sexy. Aries choose clothes that inspire strength and self-confidence - loyal supporters on their way to achieving even the most seemingly unattainable goals.

Our bouquet is for you!

DiKa's garden blooms with spring flowers. In the most feminine month, we prepared ideas for exquisite styling and / or a beautiful gift. Instead of a bouquet, give a flower garden with our new fine spring blouses and elegant dresses. These are the most durable flowers that will delight you for a long time and will emphasize your beauty!

How to wear denim this spring?

Denim occupies a special place in the Spring 22 collection, combining traditional comfort with extravagant elements. Special attention is again paid to the cuts - which are adapted to different body types to emphasize them optimally. The goal is to feel attractive, stylish and confident.

Why is it important to have pastels in the wardrobe?

Spring 2022 will introduce our wardrobes to some of the dreamiest, yet wearable colors: the pastels.

Styling and gift ideas for Valentine's Day

In some ways, Valentine's Day is like the New Year - because of some pressure to celebrate, as well as to find that "special someone" to be with on this day. The truth is that this holiday should not be a source of stress and worries. Instead, let’s see it as a great occasion to give love - to others as well as to ourselves and to celebrate all those relationships that make us happy every day.

Blue bird - dare to be happy!

Color of happiness, joy and prosperity – also known as the shade "blue bird" – leading color in the SPRING '22 collection.

The blue bird has been known since ancient China and India, and its impressive color finds a place in a number of art genres - painting, literature, music. It is also called the "bird of happiness". 


Bright, eye-catching and adventurous: tropical pink is one of the colors that will always make us feel on vacation! What better way to make a smooth transition to the spring we look forward to?

Spring 22 - the pre-collection is here!

On the eve of the New Year, the Pre-Spring ‘22 collection arrives with a message for new beginning and an everyday life, in which style plays a leading role. The first models of the collection are in classic colors: red, blue, black, white, gold and beige and recall that elegance is timeless.

Time to party!

Whatever the occasion, a new dress in the wardrobe is always welcome because there are so many options to wearit! Corporate party, home party, online party - December is the month of the celebrations, and the garment we associate with them is undoubtedly the DRESS!