Spring 22 - the pre-collection is here!

On the eve of the New Year, the Pre-Spring ‘22 collection arrives with a message for new beginning and an everyday life, in which style plays a leading role. The first models of the collection are in classic colors: red, blue, black, white, gold and beige and recall that elegance is timeless.

Time to party!

Whatever the occasion, a new dress in the wardrobe is always welcome because there are so many options to wearit! Corporate party, home party, online party - December is the month of the celebrations, and the garment we associate with them is undoubtedly the DRESS!

The knitwear you need

Autumn is the season of knitwear. This is the type of clothing we associate with the words comfort and softness, with coziness and warmth in cold weather. The knits in DiKa's Autumn 21 collection combine comfort with elegance and are adapted to the hybrid lifestyle, to the corporate and home office environment.

Faux leather: stylish and eco-responsible

Faux leather clothing continues to be a leading worldwide trend. They enjoy unprecedented interest for ethical and environmental reasons.

Life is short, buy the bag!

These words are by an unknown author, but they sound especially relevant today. In a time of perpetual change and dynamic lifestyle, style remains the constant value that gives us confidence and a sense of calmness.

How to combine black and white?

Black and white is a classic color combination that will never go out of style. It's an iconic color scheme.

Head-turning embellishment details

Did you know that in the past, embroidery on fabrics was a sign of luxury and high status?

At a time when we began to appreciate even more every occasion and special event, we created for you garments with exquisite embellishments.

The coats you will want to wear all season long

When the coats are so beautiful, cold weather does not scare us - we look forward to it!

In the spirit of our hybrid everyday life - between home office and physical spaces, silhouettes are fluid, with a belt emphasizing the waist.

Back to business

If you love the sense of opportunity that every Monday brings, then September’s back to business is your time. Time for business, time for success, which must be dressed in the right clothes.

3 denim trends for the new season

What you can never go wrong with is a pair of jeans, a nice shirt and a well-tailored jacket. A winning combination that we are happy to rediscover in today's times of hybrid work, remote office and anoverall return to a more casual and informal style.

Trench for your autumn wardrobe refresh

More than a trend, the trench coat is once again at the top of our fashion desires this season. Short, double breasted, belted and waterproof – this structured silhouette is the best season-adapted style formula.

The garment you will wear with pleasure

The pleats are back in the wardrobe to inspire and challenge us for new stylish combinations. If you are wondering if pleated skirts are in style in 2021, the answer is YES! A timeless piece, the pleated skirt is the stylish ally we can rely on unconditionally in the coming months. The elegant, pleated skirt brings a feeling of femininity and romance, complemented by comfort and lightness.

Did you know that…


DiKa's autumn will be sunny and filled with energy. The two statement colors of the AUTUMN 21 collection are: bamboo yellow and forest green. Two colors that are urban and fresh at the same time. They embody the aspirations of the woman-leader, who preserves femininity and finesse even in the most challenging times.

Behind the scenes of AUTUMN ’21 collection - exclusive video

The magic of fashion is that it can instantly inspire us and make us dream. Experience the emotion of a shooting day with us, see what is happening behind the scenes of DiKa's latest fashion photo shoot:

Your favorite summer dress

The dress is one of the most influential symbols of femininity. Therefore, it occupies an honorable place in each of DiKa's fashion collections. A faithful ally in the mission of style and beauty, the summer dress is a key addition to summer days and evenings.

For summer ’21 we created the formula of our favorite summer dress:

A-line silhouette with elegant emphasis on the waist and bust area, straps, floral motifs and fine cotton! 


It is summer and the long sunny days are calling for vacation and beautiful experiences. We want to get the most of time for ourselves, our friends, all the pleasant and favorite activities. And because every moment is priceless, we created 7 looks - for each day of the week. So, now you will have even more time and you will start the day confidently and with a smile. These simple ideas help save time and implement effective stylish ideas.


Free silhouettes and memorable animalistic and floral prints. This capsule collection is for the woman who is always ready for the next trip. It includes 6 basic models of clothes in color varieties that are easily combined with each other. Clothes for long summer evenings and fresh mornings in the mountains, at the sea or even in the city.


It would not be real and complete summer without white clothes in the wardrobe! They get us in the warm-weather mood and emphasize in the most beautiful way the rays of the sun that we have gathered on our skin. The season invites us to be brave and to wear white from head to toe, and the fabrics caress the skin: linen, cotton, hemp, and silk.


Shorts are the summer garment that has loudly and proudly migrated from the resorts to the city and even - took over the office spaces. The DiKa woman enjoys the sun in the comfortable elegance of her new shorts. She chooses the colors according to her mood and the fabrics according to where she is.


Do you know which style never goes out of fashion? The marine style! This is because it evokes the romantic idea of living on the high seas, fresh breezes, sun and the open ocean as far as the eye can see.