The jacket you will fall in love with!

The biker leather jacket is one of those timeless pieces of clothing that never go out of style. Effortlessly elegant, it adapts effortlessly to different style combinations: from classic denim, to subtle airy dresses and sophisticated pencil skirts.


This season beige has firmly established itself as the new black.

5 key pieces for getting back to the office in style

Returning to the office after the summer vacation is a time for a fresh start and an experiment with new stylish additions to the wardrobe.

Black & White - timeless elegance in contemporary fashion

Black & White - the timeless tandem, makes a triumphant return to the fashion scene in a new and refreshing way. White is in a palette of shades - from crisp to ecru, and black is saturated and contrasting.

Stylish in denim

Denim clothes are the big favorites of fashion, proudly taking over catwalks, offices, the street and even the red carpet. Comfortable and functional, denim is a must-have item in any capsule wardrobe.

Mustard - the most attractive color of the season

What makes this bright and sparkling color so special? Mustard, with its vibrant and warm tones, exudes a sense of movement, inspiration, energy, and lightness. Put on a mustard jacket or complete the look with the same color skirt, wear it as a touch of color and you will notice an instant mood enhancement.

The Timeless Elegance of Cotton Jacquard Suits

In the world of women's fashion some styles remain timeless classics that stand the test of time. Among these enduring fashion choices is the cotton jacquard women's suit. Combining comfort, versatility, and a touch of luxury, cotton jacquard suits have carved their place in the hearts of fashion-conscious women.

Red ochre: Embracing the Energy of Autumn '23

Autumn '23 arrives with the message: dare to succeed! At the forefront of this season's fashion palette is the red ochre, a shade that exudes energy and power. Symbolizing life, health, and victory, red ochre makes a bold statement and invites us to embrace our inner strength.


One of the leading colors in DiKa's Fall '23 Collection is jade green. Bright, enigmatic and elegant, this color is expectedly a good addition to the business wardrobe for the new season.


With two leading colors: jade green and red ochre, the upcoming season will be colorful and exciting! DiKa's classic two-piece suits are elaborated in these colors, refreshed by original approaches in the construction of the lapels.

100% cotton for the summer days

Cotton clothes are our best allies on warm days. Pleasant to the touch, breathable and with an elegant, discreet shine - these are the characteristics of the 100% cotton clothes in DiKa summer collection.

Casual chic

Summer is the season in which the comfort and lightness of clothes are honored. DiKa's design team has created a series of cotton garments where the fabric has been treated with a technology that strengthens and improves its qualities. Thanks to her, they acquire a stylish vintage look. Made from 100% high-quality cotton, these casual-chic outfits are the best solutions for summer vacations, weekend outings, and in some cases, even the office.


What is your favorite accessory? In addition to being necessary in everyday life, the bag has long become a symbol of elegance, prestige and an indicator of personal character traits. Besides storing the most important accessories, the bag is also an indispensable ally in creating any styling. It is often this accent that gives originality and uniqueness to clothing.

Suits for the most beautiful days

The most beautiful days of the year urge us to be bold and daring, to wear vibrant colors, and to enjoy life!

The fabrics of the season

The spring-summer season is the time when clothes with a high content of natural fabrics are in vogue. Suits with linen, cotton or viscose in the composition, allow the body to breathe, have maximum comfort and lightness throughout the day. In order to get the most out of the characteristics of the different fibers, the fabrics are often mixed.

Season in florals

Feminine, delicate, bright, wearable - these are just some of the reasons why floral prints are always up-to-date and at the forefront of the season's trends.

DiKa opened its doors in Varna!

In the heart of the maritime capital is the newest location where the fashion brand opened its doors. The store is located on 2 floors in one of the historic buildings in the city center, on Nezavisimost Square. A surprise for visitors is the special "accessory room".


MUST-HAVE : something new that everyone wants to have.

Casual – the style of effortless elegance

Casual means free, informal, relaxed. Casual is the universal style of today, putting together comfort and simple combinations. It is especially relevant for the times of hybrid lifestyle and work.


In order to be healthy, experts advise putting colorful foods on your plate. We advise you to wear vitamin colors to always be in a good mood!