About the accessories with love

Belts, bags and shoes are selected with care and attention or order to complement your favorite outfits.

This season, colors proposed by DiKa are classic black, red, dark blue. They are complemented by green and snake-like print at the belts, as well as a burgundy in the shoes section. Bags are monochrome or color-block. As of combinations: they are countless – depending on your mood, outfit and sense of color.

Here are couple of easy and practical tips and tricks on how to extend the life of leather accessories:

  • Clean thoroughly after use (and during periods when you will not wear them). This applies mainly to shoes and bags.
  • Store the bags by stuffing them with paper and shoes – with shoe-trees whenever they are not in use. Experts recommend cedar shoe trees because they help absorb odor and moisture. Plastic ones are ok too, alternatively you can use paper. Additionally, dust bags are also great for storing bags and shoes.
  • Avoid keeping the accessories exposed to direct sunlight. It is good to store them in wardrobes, placed on a shelf. Especially contra-indicated for the bags is hanging them by their straps since this can wear them out and cause warping.