DiKa is now producing masks

Under the conditions of COVID-19, DiKa is pivoting its production and is already manufacturing reusable textile masks. The reorganization happened in extremely short time to respond to the shortage of these mass prevention means.

The masks protect nose and mouth, they are made eco-friendly of 100% cotton. The fabric is treated with water repellent internationally certified harmless substances.

Following respiratory hygiene and wearing masks as a preventative means of limiting the spread of Covid-19 is part of the World Health Organization (WHO) instructions. We remind you that in order to be effective when wearing a mask, it is necessary to:

  • put on with clean, washed with soap / disinfected hands;
  • tightly cover the mouth and nose and make sure there are no gaps between them;
  • avoid touching the mask while using it, if you do, clean your hands first.

To keep the qualities of the reusable mask as long as possible, follow the instructions for hand washing and ironing at 110 ° C for disinfection.

The masks are entirely manufactured locally, with a fully traceable and transparent process. Manual, skilled labor has been invested in them and all safety and disinfection requirements have been met. You can order them 24/7 by clicking here