The upcoming season will be filled with fresh colors, bright prints and perfect silhouettes. The brand continues further with their statement suits composed by jackets and trousers or dresses with flawless cut, offering beautiful color combinations for the dynamic daily life of the contemporary woman.

Inspiration comes from the Parisian’s timeless elegance. Parisian as a state of mind, not as a place of birth. Effortless chic, the so-called ne sais quoi, the candid charm that does not go unnoticed. In focus is the woman who is a bold director of her life in Paris, Sofia, Bucharest, Tbilisi or anywhere in the world.

The leading color schemes are:

  • Garden Tea
  • Gold
  • Purple
  • Dark blue
  • Red
  • Light blue for the coats

  • You will also find in the collection:
  • Shirts with statement details
  • Tops with designers’ prints
  • Oversized cardigans with D initial
  • Pleated skirts
  • Denim
  • XXL cashmere and silk scarves
  • High-waisted trousers
    • Shirt-dresses
  • The collection brings the spirit of the French joie de vivre – joy of life. DiKa's woman passes through the city, on her own or with her best friend, chooses her clothes according to the day's schedule and most of all: according to her mood. She does not follow blindly trends and clichés but selects what emphasizes her individuality and beauty.

    As usual, fabrics selection is precise - wool, viscose and technological blends of polyester and recycled yarns. Discover the entire collection here.To get the first news and special offers from us - sign up here.