The short-sleeve blouse: our best ally
The short-sleeve blouse: our best ally

The short-sleeve blouse: our best ally New collection with care for the environment

This blouse is a hybrid between the classic cotton t-shirt and the long-sleeved knitsweater, that combines the best of both garments. The short sleeve makes it optimal for warmer weather as well as for comfortable wearing under a jacket. The manufacturing of the fabric and the presence of original prints give elegance and sophistication to this simple type of garment. This way, it becomes both adequate for wearing under a jacket, put together with a corporate skirt or trousers and with jeans.

The Spring-Summer collection of DIKA goes for original prints created by the design team of the brand. In focus this season is the inspiration from urban environment which is also awakening after the winter - together with nature. Architectural elements, statement urban landscapes and floral elements are included in the prints. They are complemented by fine stripes motif – an allusion to holidayson the seaside.

The added value of this tops collection is it is again manufactured with care for the environment. Textile yarns are made of recycled polyester*, obtained through an innovative process. Thus, the final product is a blouse, with excellent quality for wearing and and easy maintenance, comfort for the skin, preservation of the shape and color after washing.

This line is part of the long-term investment and commitment of the brand for environmental and societal care through innovation, traceable and transparent manufacturing process.

*Newlife™ – certified polyester fiber, made in Italy. It is 100% PET recycled, meaning: reduced pollution, energy and water saving production process.