The jumpsuit: all-time favorite trend

Jumpsuit is a favorite garment because it offers a complete styling solution. When it has an impeccable cut and quality fabric, it emphasizes in the best ways the advantages of the body and skillfully hides some minor imperfections.

Monochrome jumpsuits elongate the silhouette and give optical illusion of more slender body type. It’s a such a bold and impressive piece that makes a statement even in its simplest versions. You can complete the look by adding an elegant jacket, some fine jewelry or ethereal scarf. In terms of shoes - you can go for some chic heels, sandals, platforms or even - sneakers or flat shoes. The elegant jumpsuit is a great starting point for experimenting with style and instantly transforming from office attire to stylish party, from exquisite dinner to informal walk. For instance, we often see black jumpsuits on the red carpet, complemented by high-heeled shoes and impressive luxury jewelry.

Wheredidthejumpsuit come from?

The jumpsuit was created in 1919 as a practical apparel worn by parachuters. Literally, jumpsuit means "suit for jumping". This practical outfit quickly became favorite of car race drivers and aviators. Simple design that turned out to be revolutionary and liberating. Neil Armstrong landed on the moon wearing a jumpsuit!

The appearance of this cult garment in the ladies' wardrobe dates back to the 1930s. It is thanks to Elsa Schiaparelli’s innovative and daring designs. Katharine Hepburn gives a Hollywood glam to the jumpsuit, wearing a silk one-piece in the 1937 movie Stage door.

The jumpsuit is the garment we see everywhere: from catwalk to the dancefloor, from cinema to the street, from the extraordinary to the everyday life.