Hearts, scarves and Saint Valentine’s day

The Design team of DIKA created enchanting series of scarves dedicated to Saint Valentine’s day. They celebrate love, the upcoming spring, the awakening of natureand its blooming in colors after the winter months.

Explanation of love in a delicate pink - a fine veil carrying in its folds words of love in every day. Bright burgundy, cyclamen and vivid colors, intertwined with patterns of hearts, white pigeons, rivers, nature and a message of happiness coded in the figure 14. Styled hearts on blue background, hearts on white background with gentle pink flavor - all color combinations are possible. Scarves of sheer fabric are the easiest and nicest way to refresh any outfit and put accents wherever and whenever we want: on the neck, on the wrist, in the hair or even as an accessory to the ladies' bag.
This season, the hearts are encoded in the patterns as messangers of good mood and love. And love, as we all know, never goes out of fashion.

Each of us is in love - with the person next to themselves, with life, with nature, with all those things that fill the existence and make it meaningful. February 14 is an occasion to give (ourselves) some more happiness!