Code: festive red

At the height of the most festive month of the year, we cannot help but thinking of relax, home coziness, shared moments with loved ones, good emotions and parties! Mood is great and we want to wear something fresh and different.

Especially for those days of the year we created outfits that are easy to combine, feminine, stylish, slightly bold, united by a statement color: red. Whether you prefer bright red or burgundy, DiKa’s collection has something for every taste and occasion. Elegant two-piecesuit, dress with sleeves (or sleeveless), monochrome or in combination with black – there are so many options.

In fact, do you know that Christmas colors influence how we think and feel?

Red is attention-grabbing and provocative. It is considered an emotionally intense color that strengthens physical reactions. For example, when we see red, blood pressure and respiration rates rise. Red stimulates us for making quick decisions, and to feel more self-confident.

Red is the color of life, of strength and of love. It brings a message of vitality, energy, health. Series of scientific experiments show people wearing red are perceived to be more attractive than others wearing different colors. If you want to be spotted in the office or in the gray urban environment, red is the best ally accentuating the perfect cut and silhouette.