3 ideas for party styling

In the Autumn-Winter 20/21 DiKa collection, the party stylings are under the motto: DISCRETE SHINE.

They are created to emphasize the beauty of the moment, as well as to be worn after the specific occasion, to be relevant, yet: different and special.

Metallic highlights

In this style you can choose a shiny jacket, which will become the statement part of the outfit or, if you are daring - go for a total look. If you choose only the jacket, you can wear it together with a little black dress or with a stylish jumpsuit.

Blazer dress with lurex threads

The lurex threads are discreet enough that you can wear the garment in a more casual context. To enhance the festive effect, add shiny bulk jewelry or a pearl necklace around your neck. The blazer dress is one of the most graceful to wear clothes and a faithful ally in the wardrobe.
In the party collection you will also find a combination of classic black jacket and skirt, which are also an excellent choice for a special occasion. Depending on the context, combine with a spectacular top or a simple shirt and you have two completely different looks.

Jacquard motifs

Jacquard is one of the most expensive fabrics, meeting the requirements of the most refined taste. It has an embossed surface and different density, and its noble appearance gives a solemn touch to the clothing. This makes it an extremely suitable choice for special occasions and holidays.

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