Which is your motif?


Floral motifs are a secure choice –for a romantic look, opt for tiny prints, bright florals are a bold accent.

Floral prints are the must-have print type that is always on trend every season. Besides, they always work!
Florals are the symbol of freshness and beauty. There are a lot of floral print and pattern types in textile industry such as: vintage floral patterns, tropical, abstract, stylized and so on.


Paisley motif is stylish and timeless. It is characterized by a teardrop shape resembling a pine cone, and its traces lead to India. This Indian motif is a great and long-lasting investment in the wardrobe, because it practically never goes out of fashion. When choosing it is good to be guided by the color scheme - buy tones that match the complexion and the basic elements of the wardrobe: coats, jackets, skirts and pants. In the current DiKa collection you will find it in variations of shirts and blouses, pleated skirts and dresses.


Geometric motifs are inspired by shapes in nature. They are an excellent choice for creating a different and memorable styling. For optimal effect, it is important to assess the exact volumes and shapes: vertical stripes lengthen optically the silhouette, and horizontal ones can give a feeling of emphasizing the body in certain areas. Oval shapes are a great ally for subliming curves. When combined with one-color elements of clothing, we achieve a sophisticated and distinctive look.

And remember: properly selected and combined motifs are a fun and elegant way to freshen up the outfit.