The style you will fall in love with this autumn!

The casual style became popular in the 1960s, when office workers were given the opportunity to wear comfortable, casual clothes on Fridays. Although comfort is a priority, they still had to comply with certain standards: clothing must be appropriate and look professional. Jeans stand out as an absolute favorite in this context.

Today, in the circumstance of Covid-19, when home office is becoming more and more popular, casual style is the new normal. Convenient and presentable, it fits into the protocol of teleconference meetings that have become part of our daily lives.

Casual attire can be more relaxed or dressy, depending on the combination in which it is worn. Jeans with a nice cut button-up shirt or blouse with a print is a combination that suits almost any occasion. Add a classic jacket and you can't go wrong!
According to Parisians, if you are invited to dinner, but you do not know what the dress code is, you can always bet on jeans and jacket to combine with beautiful high-heeled sandals. If the event is elegant - the shoes will add extra elegance to the styling, if it is more informal - just sit at the table and the shoes will no longer be visible.

In warmer days, combine a jacket and shorts, a pleated skirt and denim jacket. Put together fitted with loose garments, as well as soft, natural fabrics with structured cuts. Casual is a great opportunity to experiment, to be elegant and to feel comfortable in your clothes. For more inspiration - click here! (link to new in)